Developing mastery in any field is not a linear process. It involves learning and then getting out there and trying stuff, followed my more learning. It is a never-ending process.

On such a journey, it is often useful to have someone accompany you who has been on the journey for a while. This is the intention behind our Tailored Mentoring program.

We start with a mutual assessment of what you need, how best to achieve your goals and then assess whether we are the right people to help you. This conversation will result in you seeing what makes sense for you and what our role should be, if any.

For those where the fit makes mutual sense, the mentorship program will likely have the following elements:

  • One on one coaching
  • Joining us at one of our clients to observe, learn, and participate
  • Help in shaping your practice and field of business
  • Help in developing and executing specific programs with us
  • Unique assignments to target certain skills and competencies

If you have been through our advanced practitioner program: The Power of the Principles in Business and have definitive development and business goals that you think we can help you with, let’s connect.