We are committed to increasing the global understanding of the human mind and create an international community that is genuinely seeking progressive, tangible change. We offer workshops to highly experienced coaches and consultants and members of the public who want to play a bigger game and create a sustainable future.

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Transforming Business and Society Through Understanding The Human Mind

Business and Society now face the growing crisis of unsustainability and the breakdown of traditional approaches to organisational problem solving. As a result, Coaches, Consultants and Business Leaders must find new ways to approach these pressing challenges.

An exponential shift in mindset is required and that happens most effectively when the essential principles of the human mind are fully realised. Knowledge of these principles opens up a new paradigm of understanding – for us individually and for humanity overall. From this new paradigm, ground-breaking strategies, tactics and outcomes are possible – giving rise to a radically evolved approach to business, social change and human potential.

Robin Charbit and Ken Manning, co-founders of Insight Principles, Inc. are bringing a revolutionary understanding of the human mind to global companies and organizations helping them achieve remarkable results. Their clients have been able to change their cultures and access greater intelligence, mental clarity, and know how. They are learning to live consistently in a new world of innovation and high performance. This kind of evolution is crucial in our accelerating world of change requiring both agility and stamina to keep up and stay ahead of the curve.

“If you are looking for an operating manual for the human mind – Invisible Power is it. Realizing insight principles has transformed the way my team and I approach and think through problems.”

— Paula Tolliver, Corporate Vice President and CIO, Intel Corporation

“Sharing these principles with thousands of people in our company improved our performance so dramatically that we shattered our commitments and objectives year after year.”

Don Donovan, Former Division President, BAE Systems


A 3-day programme/program aimed at high-performance Coaches and Consultants with experience in large, complex organisations, who want to evolve their understanding of how to generate significant, sustainable business results and/or create meaningful change in the world. This program is also suitable for individuals who want to learn about this understanding for themselves.

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Ken Manning is a PhD level psychologist with decades of experience as a psychotherapist, international consultant, and tech entrepreneur. For as long as he can remember, Ken has been interested in finding practical solutions to help people realise their potential. Practising as a clinical psychologist for two decades he also succeeded in various senior roles in business, including setting up a software company he still leads.

Robin Charbit is a chemical engineer by training with many years of business, experience working at an executive level for Exxon and as a global business consultant with Arthur D. Little and Insight Management Partners. A pioneer of bringing an understanding of the human mind into business, Robin works internationally from his base in Boston, USA. 

Along with co-author Sandy Krot, Ken and Robin wrote Invisible Power: Insight Principles at Work, an articulation of what they have learned and developed over more than two decades and a manual for introducing the principles of how the human mind works to people at all levels of any organisation.

About Insight Principles Inc.
Insight Principles Inc. was founded by Ken and Robin and is dedicated to helping companies apply this understanding to generate significant, sustainable business results as well as leadership and culture transformation.

Typical clients are C-suite/senior executives in Fortune 100 global organisations. Assignments range from 1-on-1 programs to group, division or whole organisation business transformation initiatives. All work is success-based with a money back guarantee. Since starting this business 12 years ago Insight Principles Inc. have been paid 100% of the time.

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