If you already have a good understanding of the principles and are currently working in the world of business or organizations (non-profits, etc.) and would like to add to your skills, this program is perfect for you.

Recommended entry criteria:

  • You have or soon will complete our basic program: Invisible Power –  Next Paradigm.
  • You are a coach, consultant, or educator seeking to deepen your ability to approach new clients and to work in business or other organizations.
  • You feel that you have a good grounding in the principles.
  • You feel you already have good understanding of and ability in the skills and competencies we outlined on our Business Skills Development and Professional Orientation page.
  • You have an ongoing practice or business.
  • You want to be part of a small group able to partake in a customized and hands-on program.
  • You want to take the expertise you have gained helping people transform to a new level.
  • You are ready to expand your work in some way (aim bigger, deeper, further).

If you would like to know more, please contact us via the Connect page so we may explore with you if this program is a good fit for you.

This program also offers 32 ICF CCE credits.       

For a more info. please view this PDF Brochure

2023 Dates

April 24-27  Online, 8 am – 2 pm EST / 1 – 7 pm UK

November 13-16, Online, 8 am – 2 pm EST / 1 – 7 pm UK


‘If you’re interested in sharing the Principles in business, then Insight Principles are fantastic guides to help you on your way. Not only do they have a ton of real world experience of this, but they really walk their talk. If you get the opportunity and you want more insight and understanding of how you can impactfully share what you know, then I highly recommend you grab the chance.’

Chantal Burns AuthorNo.1 Bestseller ‘Instant Motivation’

‘If you work with businesses and want to get a deep yet practical understanding of how to share this understanding of the human mind enabling them to unlock their potential and business results, then I would without question recommend experiencing the Insight Principles programmes. They have unique insight and experience into working with organisations. They are a wonderful blend of supportive and challenging, practical and profound, pure yet accessible – they are true masters of this art, and the at first glance ‘subtleties’ of their approach that I picked up from working with them are significant and powerful to increase the effectiveness of my work’

Piers ThurstonMaking Change Work

This was the deepest, most transformational life experience I’ve had. The experience is giving me…

  • Greater access to peace in every moment
  • A feeling that there’s totally nowhere to go, nothing to do. (whilst at the same time I’m getting on with my usual ‘stuff’
  • Way more power (like a force) in selling; more coming from ‘knowing”
  • More clarity on the principles and how to communicate it
  • Respect for people, who they are, where they’re at
  • In service of others, it’s not about me
  • A strong client focus. That’s also where deeper fulfilment comes from
  • In every moment everything is created from my thinking
  • The desire to find out what people want, then help them see the inside-out nature of life
  • Everyone is enlightened, they just may not be aware of it.

Martin Palethorpe FounderThe Pragma Group

‘I spent four days with Robin and Ken looking at the application of the Principles to the business setting. I was concerned at first that the teaching would be all geared towards large corporates, whereas I work with with solo-preneurs. What I found was that Robin and Ken’s clear and practical approach to helping businesses create the results they want to see in the world was applicable to both. There was one main take-away (amongst many) from me from the training: I saw how useful it is to make the teaching of the Principles relevant to the people we’re working with. Of course as practitioners we see how helpful this understanding can be, but most business people aren’t interested in ‘a deeper feeling’, they simply want to achieve what their up to more simply and productively. How we make them relevant was something I saw in a way I never had before during this training. The practical nature and clarity with which these two teachers deliver their understanding deepened both my own grounding and my ability to work with my clients too. Highly highly recommended.’

Nicola Bird The Simplicity Project

‘The Insight Principles team has a proven track record working with C-Suite level execs to solve real business problems. Working with them will help you see possibilities for your own practice and deepen your foundational understanding of the Principles.’

Cheryl Bond Essential Resilience

‘I’m a workshop veteran, and I thought the changes triggered by your program would have integrated within about 2 weeks. So I waited for myself to settle down… But every time I thought things had stabilized, another shift started up. It’s as if a major landslide was triggered, and it’s taking down a whole mountain of outmoded/unhelpful thinking, layer by layer…

The benefits I received from your wise words are huge. Here are some of the gains I’ve seen:

  • My thinking seems to have slowed down, in a good way. Life appears more quiet, more calm, easier.
  • I am walking/speaking more slowly, whenever haste is unnecessary. Which is most of the time.
  • As a corporate animal in a large and complex organization, I can still get fired up. But less and less frequently. And if I do experience irritation, recovery is immediate and I’m back in calm – no emotional hangover.
  • Actually, the traditional kind of hangover has gotten worse: my sensitivity to coffee and wine went way up. I would like to be able to enjoy coffee and wine, but now even a little seems too much. The after-effects are so noticeable that it’s not worth the initial pleasure.
  • The quality of my ideas seems higher, and good ideas flow more readily and effortlessly.
  • My appreciation for nature went up significantly, and I feel more love for Life.
  • I have become softer, gentler and more present with people. Also, people are warmer with me. People I’d lost touch with reappeared and our relationships are richer, deeper, sweeter.
  • I find myself being more generous.
  • Mood no longer matters: Being in a low mood used to mean a lower quality of performance, but apparently not any longer. Although I spent most of a week in a low mood, my performance was high. Whenever I was required to perform (e.g. make a presentation), I just slipped into gear – useful ideas came spontaneously, humor flowed, everything was easy and fun.
  • When others are in conflict with me, I’m usually not. I focus on understanding their thinking, and I don’t get drawn in emotionally. Instead of using power to resolve issues, I’ve stayed out of ego clashes – conflict is more easily dissolved, and I’m not triggering resentment.
  • I’ve had some wonderful conversations about the Principles with friends and colleagues, and have loved watching others shift into greater awareness.

That time in the UK was one of the best weeks of my life – thank you.’

Niale McLoughlin

‘I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up to Ken & Robin’s Insight Principles in Business program – how could I? But no matter what expectations I could have imagined, hoped or prayed for – none of them would have come within a million miles of what was actually delivered – and just as importantly – how it was delivered.

The key point is that, for the entirety of the program, both Ken and Robin live, breath and demonstrate so beautifully what it is that they’re actually teaching, or rather, what they’re ‘pointing to’. We didn’t learn ‘from’ Ken and Robin – we learned ‘with’ them. It was a profound, insightful and deeply moving few days. I’d go so far as to say that during those four days I ‘saw’ myself for the first time in the 53 years of my life.

From a practical point of view following on from the program I’ve felt more in-tune with myself, in tune with my true nature, I’ve felt compelled to share this understanding from a place within that I never knew existed – and, this is the funny part, I know deeply what it is that I want to say, how to say it, and even ‘who’ to say it to and when to say it.

And finally… it’s become very apparent and clear to me that people don’t need to be ‘taught’ the principles – they need to ‘realise’ them for themselves . Ken & Robin’s program helped me to realise this for myself – that’s the magic within the program.

Most definitely the highlight of my 15 years of training.

Phil Hathaway

‘The training and work with Ken and Robin has been one of the most mind-opening experiences I have been through.  The clarity and the tangible practicality of how they share what they know to be true stands them apart from many other similar offerings.  The combined background of having being in the field of psychology and engineering, Ken and Robin comes from a real world perspective to point us to a deeper awareness of the power of success and wellbeing within ourselves.  In a modern fast paced complex world, where insightful solutions are and high performance are in constant demand, the calm, collected and authoritative direction to success shown by Insight Principals creates a unique opportunity for a rewarding and a thriving experience in all aspects of our lives.

Asanka Abayasiri