Enabling Professionals to Dramatically Enhance their Clients’ Business Results by Growing the Human Capacity of their Organizations.

There are fundamental principles behind how the human mind works, revealing a crucial missing link in our understanding of human performance. By awakening to how reality is actually created from the inside – out and to the brilliant, living design of the human mind, we accelerate mental clarity, wisdom, common sense, and capacity for insight.

Understanding these principles is the most valuable knowledge a person can have to be powerful and effective in the world of business.


We are a team of executives, entrepreneurs, and psychologists with extensive experience in business and human transformation. We were fortunate to realize something powerful and transformative that has enabled us to live more fulfilling lives and to dramatically improve how we help our business clients thrive and achieve remarkable results.

Our vision is for an understanding of these principles to become commonplace in business.

But we can’t accomplish this alone.

Alongside our work with business clients, we want to share with coaches and consultants everything we have learned (mostly from trial and error) about reaching business with this understanding.

Visit our company website at www.insightprinciples.com for more information about our corporate work.

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Our approach is different from most in the world of consulting and coaching. Rather than engaging in the content and structure of problems and taking the individual or organizational thinking as a given, we point to what is going on behind the scenes of the human dimension. We teach about the power and mechanism of thought and insight, giving clients the ability to solve their own problems in surprising ways.

Our programs are designed to educate, inspire, and empower individuals so they can maximize their effectiveness. We strive for both depth and practicality. The learning is experiential and our focus is always on individual growth and insight.

A 3-day program designed for those wanting an introduction or continuing education in the principle-based understanding we share in the business world.
Providing a basic understanding of the consulting skills and orientation required to work in the business world sharing a three principles-based understanding.
Providing an orientation to people already in the business world, on how to share this principle-based understanding with clients.
A 3-1/2 day advanced program for coaches and consultants designed to expand your ability to work from an understanding of the principles in business.
Providing ongoing support as you develop your business. Open to a limited number of individuals per year.

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