Invisible Power:
Principles Behind
Personal Capacity

If you are a coach or consultant or someone who would you like an introduction to or a deepening in your understanding of the principles behind how the human mind works, this program would be of benefit, especially if you want to:

  • See where high performance in business and life really comes from – for individuals, for teams, for organizations
  • Learn about simple, powerful principles that underlie all human experience and behavior
  • See for yourself how to share this understanding effectively in the world of business
  • Add to your understanding for those already familiar with these Principles.

It is also excellent for the following audiences:

  • Anyone new to these principles who would like an in depth introduction.
  • People currently working in the corporate world.
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs.

If you want to see us in action, Innate Wellbeing has video recorded a few of our programs and offers them for sale on their website.

There are Professional and Personal Benefits to the Program:

  • Exposure to a simple, yet practical understanding of these principles and their basic implications, establishing your grounding as a beginner or adding to your grounding as an experienced practitioner.
  • Uncovering a common sense, ordinary yet profound way of articulating and teaching these principles that is both practical and transformational.
  • Seeing how to be in life and in the business world with this understanding.
  • Realizing insights for your personal and professional development.
  • For advanced practitioners – observing the form we utilize when working with our clients.

Remaining UK programs for 2018

–  November 2-4, 2018  –  London, Tower Bridge, London   [Register]

No remaining US programs for 2018


  • Clarifying personal goals and desired areas for insight during the program
  • Course goals and objectives
  • The power of realization: truth and principles
  • Learning with insight
  • The skinny on the principles
  • The mind’s built-in design for success


  • The mind works only one way
  • The inside-out nature of perception


  • The impact of realization
  • Life with an understanding of how the mind works
  • Life with trust in your innate core of wisdom and insight


  • Basic implications of the principles: insight, feelings, personal power, time, and presence


  • Insights, recap, review and more on personal implications
  • Interpersonal Implications: effective communication, rapport, team synergy
  • Innate Leadership
  • Open session for any issues anyone wishes to bring up


‘I had been learning about the 3 Principles for almost 5 years when I participated in training with Robin and Ken. Massive transformation and positive change has already occurred in every aspect of my life. So I wasn’t necessarily expecting the kind of quantum leap that took place during this training. There was too much to summarise in a short review but highlights included a realisation of a much more authentic yet practical way to present my own trainings; a clearer understanding of how to be of greater relevance and service to my clients; and a vastly increased sense of the magnitude, availability, and constancy of inspiration, insight and realisation. If you are interested in increasing your impact in the world of business, or even if you just want a rather different seminar experience, I highly recommend this event.’

Christian McNeill PrincipalElements of Wellbeing

‘I can honestly say attending an Insight Principles programme has had the most profound impact on my life, both professionally and personally. What I appreciated most was the simplicity, the purity and the complete absence of ego in the way Ken and Robin teach, enabling me to form my own understandings and really see myself and my business in ways I hadn’t seen before.

What I really got out of the programme was the realisation that I was not fully ‘being’ the person I wanted to be. After years of ‘working hard’ and thinking you only really deserved what you got if you do work ‘hard’ I suddenly realised how much I was slogging through life because I felt I should be. I really had no idea I was doing that! Consequently, I now put myself under much less pressure and feel infinitely more relaxed and connected with clients, which really makes me far more effective! Plus, the realisation that I am at my most creative while out walking the dog with a clear mind means I no longer feel guilty about leaving the office early and enjoying that time.

As for my home life, I have noticed how much enjoyment I get out of simple things like watching my children play or having simple conversations. I’m no longer rushing through life, I’m enjoying every moment of it!’

Michelle ChapmanThe Elite Partnership

‘I recently completed seven days of training with Ken Manning, Robin Charbit & Sandy Krot based on their book, Invisible Power: Insight Principles at Work. It was simply the best professional development training I’ve ever been a part of. So simple and yet so powerful.

What I learned there is going to have a significant impact on my work and my clients. I’ve noticed that a lot of my previous busy mindedness about how to help business clients, especially in larger organizations, has fallen by the wayside. What’s left seems to be a sense of curiosity and anticipation to see what will emerge as I get out into the world have conversations with decision makers.

I can’t wait to show my business clients how they can make breakthroughs more commonplace in their lives and businesses.’

Rolf EvensonClear Mind Leadership

‘I was fortunate to spend 8 days in Boston learning more about how the mind works and how to take that understanding out into the business world. It was an amazing deep dive into the human dimension of work exploring how we might more reliably reach higher levels of performance and solve our most challenging problems with more ease.

It was also the most unique, enjoyable and impactful training experience of my career and as I enter this new chapter in my career I cannot wait to share more in order to help others achieve outstanding results in their own lives.’

Adrian LucasMind Fuel Coaching

‘I wanted to thank you for your amazing programme. I have been drawn to the Principles since starting a coaching course last September and it has had a profound effect on my life, but after attending your weekend I feel I now understand them on much deeper and simpler level. The programme had an incredible way of simplifying the way that life works that can seem so complex otherwise, and your warmth, graciousness and compassion just shines through.

I am totally convinced that if I introduce Insight Principles into my sales business it would become an incredible place to be as everybody wakes up to the way life really works, and we would naturally overcome the many challenges we have moving forward. I have already started this journey and have had a great response so far.

Thank you once again for being our tour guides to how life works. You have pointed me in a direction that I know will stay with me for the rest of my life and in return I would love to be part of spreading this further. I am so excited at the prospect of starting with our business.’

Gary Burton