The purpose of the group is to help you take your professional practice to new level of confidence and success, while taking your grounding and joy in life to a deeper level, with insight principles as a foundation.

This program is for if you:

  • Have learned and lived with an understanding of the Three Principles elucidated by Sydney Banks for some time.
  • Have an ongoing role as a helping professional in sharing this understanding with others either in private practice or in an organizational setting.
  • Would like to deepen your grounding and depth of realization of the spiritual and transformational aspects of the human journey.
  • Be part of a cohort of colleagues on a development journey together during and beyond the program
  • Meet and work with others who may be partners in your work-life going forward.

The mentoring group will include:

  • An initial, individual sessions before the program with Ken Manning, Ph.D.
  • A two-day kick off session of two 90-minute sessions per day.
  • Two-hour group sessions approximately every two weeks starting two weeks after the 2-day kick off for 6 months.
  • Three hours of individual mentoring once the program starts.
  • On-going small group interactions and support.

Focused Curriculum

It helps to have a framework to guide discussions and to take certain core topics deeper. Here is the framework we will be using:

  • Two Day Kick-Off Topic: Our Living Relationship with Mind / The Divine / Spirit / God (or whatever words/names you would like to use).
  • Sessions 1-4: How the Mind Works: The Principles, Psychological Freedom, Brilliance, and the Power of Delusion
  • Session 5-8: The Human Transformation Process: Ego, Habits, Relationships, Bodies
  • Session 9-12: Our Role as Helpers

2023/4 Dates:

September 6, 2023 to March 1, 2024

  • Two 4 hour sessions on September 6th and 7th (11 am – 3 pm EST)
  • Two hour webinars every other Thursday (11 am – 1 pm EST) September 21, 2023 – March 1, 2024

If you would like to know more, please contact us via the Connect page so we may explore with you if this program is a good fit for you.

For a more info. please view this Brochure


‘The Advanced Mentoring Group was an experience that exposed me to a deeper sense of my capacity for self-acceptance, self-compassion and wisdom. Ken skillfully and lovingly created conditions for us to step into exploring the simple, yet profound, elements of the 3 Principles in diverse context settings. This experience reconnected me to my essence, my core, my dignity, all of which strengthened my backbone to courageously face some challenging experiences. I have been able to create a sustainable set of practices and micro habits that have heightened my awareness of my inner and outer choices in life. I feel empowered as I am continuously discovering of my innate capacity to expand my intellect. The range of exercises that Ken guides us through, built our confidence to test and learn between sessions. The Advanced Mentoring Group is not so much a program with a beginning and an end, but rather a profound experience. Like most experiences, you get what you put in. Thank you Ken for your generous and loving guidance. And thank you to my fellow Group participants for your vulnerability to test and learn together.’

Jacqueline McMenamin, Organisational Effectiveness Consultant, F. Hoffmann-La Roche

‘Having completed the Principle in Business course, the advanced workshop and having hired Ken and Robin to work with my leadership team, I was wondering what benefit I would get from the investment, of both time and money, in joining the Advanced mentoring group. The short answer is “more than I ever expected”. My realized understanding of the principles deepened, my impact on my clients, and my resilience increased. The mixture of Ken’s guidance, group interactions and personal insights is powerful and invaluable. The longer format allows for deeper exploration and calibration. If you are looking at this program for your development or to impact your business, I highly recommend it.

Peter Wright, Regional Head of Procurement – SABMiller; Director – Procure Wright Ltd

‘It’s impossible to put into words the full impact of the advanced mentoring program. If experiencing more flow, ease and wisdom more consistently for yourself and your clients is of any interest don’t hesitate to sign up. It was a game changer both personally and for my business. My grounding deepened, long held ‘sticky’ beliefs dissolved with no effort and I have a renewed conviction about where to point myself and others for peace of mind. Ken’s artful direction (and often redirection) led the group into deep conversations, deepening our understanding collectively, learning from our own and each other’s insights. This amazing group experience is a gift that keeps on giving.

Pam Dibbs, Keynote Speaker, Master Facilitator, Executive Coach

‘Like many of us, I’m a bit of a training junky, always trying to find the next mind-blowing program that will finally really make me “get it”. I’ve tried out many different great authors and formats. Workshops, academies, retreats, you name it. But if I had to pick the most impactful one, the deepest, the most life changing one, I think I would choose Ken Manning’s Advanced Mentoring Program. Maybe that was because I was in the right moment for it, maybe because it brings about a unique space texture in the way it’s led. I don’t know. But one thing I know: it’s a guaranteed return on investment. This mentoring program is “the real thing”.

But beware: it was no easy ride in the park. I’ve been through the most challenging 6 month rollercoaster of brainwashing ups and downs, with some heavy identity collapses along the way! Fortunately, having Ken around for a deep loving guidance and partnership made it all safe. In the end, it brought about a new version of “me”, a new relationship with my sense of self, and a much wider, deeper connection and amazing attunement with the Universe. Relationships, work, beauty, fun, body, … it impacted every area! All in all, a priceless and highly recommended mind-blowing journey!

Goncalo Gil Mata, CEO, Mind4Time

I have been blessed to be in the mentorship with Ken Manning. The work has been transformational in my personal life and my coaching career. Personally, I now experience a deeper sense of peace and trust in life. Professionally, I am seeing the impact my presence has on people. Coaching has become simpler as I am able to guide my clients to their own wisdom and well-being.  

I highly recommend the program.

Anna Scott, Founder of Wisdom Business Coaching

‘The advanced mentoring program has been a very different exploration of the principles, bringing a whole new map to the territory of the living intelligence behind life and our personal experience of it. Ken has created a number of plunging in points, each one a deep exploration of an aspect of the mind, the human transformation process and how our understanding of these can help us support others. These lenses on the principles felt like unexplored territory and all the richer for it. The group format has been delightful and reflective, everyone bringing their own wisdom and observations to make the wider group discussion have a life of its own.

It has given me a much deeper relationship with the living intelligence behind life. I have come to trust the power that is behind the scenes, and see it for what it is; neutral, emergent and intelligent. I have less ‘noise’ and more quiet ease and sense of purpose in life. My coaching and teaching feel easier, free-er and is more impactful with more clarity to point people to what is helpful for them. They see more of what is on offer more quickly and seem to access it more easily.

This program has been a game-changer!

Nikki Welch, Co-Founder, Naturally High Performance

‘The Advanced Mentoring Program was a completely unique exploration of the principles behind the human experience. Ken skillfully offered a different lens through which we deeply explored each topic. Whilst there was a framework to guide the exploration, there was always a respect and tuning into the creative, intelligent source to guide the sessions. The program was a living embodiment of everything we were covering, in real time. I found the group format very enriching adding depth, energy and wisdom to my own learning and insights.

I can truly say that the Advanced Mentoring Program has been impactful on so many levels, personally, professionally and spiritually. A deep knowing and living embodiment of the divine has taken root within. Life feels more emergent and yet also more purposeful. The work with my clients is simpler and more impactful. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in the program. Thank you Ken and to everyone in the group.’

Rena Loizou, Consultant and Three Principles Educator